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Settlers Irrigation District issues news releases to keep our patrons and the public up to date on District issues and activities.

ACHD-Settlers Settlement

Date: March 9, 2011

Settlers Irrigation District is pleased to join with the Ada County Highway District to resolve the pending litigation between the two entities. Based upon the cooperative approach which has developed with this settlement, Settlers looks forward to a future of working with the Highway District in the future to resolve mutual problems.

The implementation of the expanded Hyatt Wetlands Project to provide an ecologically sound means of urban storm water regulation will alleviate the existing pressures on the Settlers canal system and provide for expanded recreation space for the community. These are positive results which allow for everyone in the community to benefit. Although the litigation was an extremely costly and stressful experience for all concerned, Settlers is satisfied that its rights have been protected and this final result is proof that a negative can produce a positive. Settlers is pleased that the litigation is now concluded.